Gateway to health tech

A training program for physicians to gain more knowledge about the Israeli Tech Ecosystem

The health tech sector is one of the leading sectors in Israel’s technology market, with more than 1,600 companies and $5 billion in investments over the past two years alone.

One factor adversely impacting the growth of the health tech sector is the difficulty integrating qualified physicians and medical personnel into the industry.


Gateway to Health Tech is a unique and innovative program introducing physicians and medical students to Israel’s health tech sector and providing them with knowledge, skills, practical tools, and connections. 

The main goals of the Gateway to Health Tech program 

Expose participants to knowledge, tools, skills and relevant innovative technologies in high tech

Deep dive into Israel’s health tech sector and its opportunities and challenges

Connect health tech companies and startups with participants to explore collaboration opportunities

Program content

Gateway to high tech:

Basic terms, history, key players, main technologies, professions, business strategies


Gateway to health tech:

Sub-sectors, trends, key players (local and MNC), health innovation, government policies, opportunities & challenges and more

Power skills:

Networking, LinkedIn & CV, storytelling etc.


Networking and business opportunities

Who is this program for?

Gateway to Health Tech is for physicians and medical students after the beginning of their clinical years

What do I need to do?

Join us for a short, online informational session to apply to the program. This webinar is required – a link for the session will be provided once the registration form is completed. 

What are the benefits?

By bridging the gap between daily medical practice and the health tech industry, participants gain knowledge, insights, and connections to make meaningful impact as influential contributors to the health tech field.

Important Information

By registering, you agree that the event may be recorded and may appear in Start-Up Nation Central marketing material and/or be used for any other lawful purpose, and you waive any rights of privacy or compensation in this regard.

The program will span three months, starting on June 23rd, 2024.

The program consists of both in person and virtual meetings:

  • 8 core sessions in person (Tel Aviv)
  • 3 supplemental sessions (Zoom)
  • Each session – 3.5 hours

The total cost of participation is 500 NIS

The first cohort of Gateway to Health Tech will begin at June 23rd, 2024.

Registration is currently closed.

Contact us

You are invited to register as interested, we will update you when the next program opens