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Score Challenge Criteria's

Compatability to Challenge

Does the proposition address BHSF pain?

Is the integration with BHSF both technically simple and quick?

Does the product require significant adaptation?

Are they at the appropriate stage for co-development?

Compliance and regulation compatibility

Strength Management Team

Is there entrepreneurial spirit in the team?

How complete is the team for the task at hand?

Does the team have prior start-up experience?

Does the team have prior implementaiton experience?

Innovation or Technology Potential

Is there strong technology?

Can the product bring BHSF a competitive advantage?

What is their business model?

Feasibility to Implemented

Can it be implemented effectively?

Does the initiative aspire towards clear, realistic, achievable goals


Does the company have paying clients?

Is the company backed by investors?

Potential ROI

Will the product increase BHSF’S profitability in the long run?

Will the integration reduce costs?