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About the platform

Skill Gap Finder by Start-Up Nation Central addresses the inherent skill gap in Israel’s talent ecosystem. 


While academia instills broad perspectives and lifelong learning, companies looking to hire graduates, need them to possess specific skills 


Skill Gap Finder collects industry requirements and translates  them into an assessment that identifies gaps between students and graduates’ skill sets and industry requirements.   


Our Platform enables academic institutions to onboard students and graduates, to provide them tech & soft skills assessment tests which evaluate individual skill sets compared to industry benchmarks.  

The value for


Students taking the Skill Gap Analysis get accurate data on their skill gaps in relation to specific industry requirements and career promotion.


Academic institutions gain valuable data and insights on how to improve the relevancy of their teaching and how to support their students in closing their skill gap.


Tech companies can access junior talents via Skill Gap Finder at a lower recruitment cost and at higher success rates while maintaining talent diversity.

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What happens next


By registering you save a spot in the upcoming skill gap assessment analysis. According to the dates in the registration form, you will receive an email with a link to take the coming Skill Gap analysis.


You will have a few days to complete the assessments. They are made up of both technical and personal assessments. The assessments take 1.5 – 5 hours to complete depending on the number of professions you want to be assessed for.


After completing the assessment, you will receive a skill gap analysis according to the professions you chose. Within a few days you will also receive personalized insights by email.