This report starts with a short review of the most salient global cybersecurity incidents and trends that happened in 2016. This review gives the foundation for a comprehensive overview of the status of the Israeli Cybersecurity sector and its performance in the past year. This report outlines the current trends of fundraising, exits made by Israeli cybersecurity companies, in addition to analysis of the different subsectors and how they correspond with the global trends.

You will learn from the report that: 


The Israeli Cybersecurity industry became more mature and strengthened its position as the global pioneer in the development of next-generation of cybersecurity solutions.


The sum of investments raised by Israeli cybersecurity companies in 2016 was $581M, exceeding investments in the previous year by 9%. This amount represents 15% of venture capital raised globally by cybersecurity companies.


There was a slight slowdown in exit deals made by Israeli cybersecurity companies.


Finder Insights: Cybersecurity Industry Report

2016 Review and trends

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