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The current high-tech buzz is undoubtedly ‘Industry 4.0’. By creating disruptive solutions to global manufacturing challenges, Israeli ‘Industry 4.0 start-ups are helping to digitize the industrial sector, making it more relevant, efficient and cost-effective through technology. Israel’s competitive advantage in the high-tech industry hinges on its excellence in certain core technologies that can be applied across several sectors, especially within Industry 4.0.

How the global market for Industry 4.0 solutions are expected to grow annually by 20% for over the next five years.

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The crucial role that technology plays in the adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions.

How the Israeli Industry 4.0 sector is ranked third globally in attracting Venture Capital funding.

Discover more about the 230 companies that make up the Israeli Industry 4.0 sector, how this sector experienced a growth of $365M in funding, and other facts including:

Start-Up Nation Central: Finder insights series Israel's Industry 4.0 in 2018 report

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