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Microsoft's Agri Tech Startup Challenge

Saturas has developed the most advanced InTree intelligence monitoring and data analysis system for high-value crops and forestry. We aim to become the leading InTree intelligence monitoring and data analysis system for global high-value crops by providing direct, precise, and quality data that will enable growers to maximize returns by increasing both the quality and output quantity of their crops, as well as promoting more efficient water usage. Saturas' solution addresses global climate challenges such as pollution, water scarcity, ecological balance, desertification, and more. 

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ProJini AgChem is focused on developing a platform technology to develop novel pesticides with new modes of action. ProJini Agchem is developing a solution focused on new type of molecular targets: protein-protein interactions (PPIs). The platform leverages a combination of computational and biophysical methods to tackle the challenge of developing inhibitors for those molecular targets. 

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Start-Up Nation Central and Microsoft are bringing together Israeli Agri Tech startups and global industry stakeholders to create a shared platform for learning and innovation. 

Start-Up Nation Central’s access to Israeli startups, together with Microsoft’s advanced technology resources and rapidly growing partner ecosystem, uniquely positions us to help Agri Tech startups build solutions, scale across global markets, and grow with industry-leading partnerships.

Letting your solution transform the agricultural landscape.

Microsoft Regenerative Ag Tech Challenge

Microsoft was aiming to source Israel’s advanced data capabilities in the Agri Tech domain for solutions in regenerative agriculture, water management, leveraging Azure ML Open AI integration with GPT-3 and ChatGPT for agriculture use cases, and leveraging FarmVibes.AI OSS on GitHub to build new AI/ML models for sustainable farming.

Our winners, Saturas and ProJini, each have innovative solutions that promote sustainable farming.

Our Start-Up Nation Central Resources Page is a comprehensive and free collection of our assets, including our various industry reports, landscape maps, and webinar recordings available for viewing and/or download. 

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