Operating Model Frameworks, Conclusions, and Resources for MNCs Innovating in Israel

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Why MNCs are so active in the Israeli innovation ecosystem, and the prevailing business models

Large multinational corporations and start-ups have very different DNA when it comes to innovation.

“The State of Innovation Report” is the result of a collaboration between Start-Up Nation Central and PwC, comprising insights from more than 70 innovation executives, in Israel and globally, regarding how corporations innovate within the vibrant Israeli ecosystem. 

More than 500 MNCs operating within Israel, and the report provides insights, case studies and practical takeaways regarding why and how they do this:

How MNCs take their first steps in the ecosystem, and why they should pivot over time

How innovating in Israel is actually challenging, and how MNCs are “getting it right”.

How MNCs are structuring and measuring the success of their Israeli innovation activities

Practical takeaways for MNC innovation executives looking to tap into Israeli innovation

The State of Innovation: